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Lumec and the QR Code

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                                                                                                             … Read more »

Colour Curiosity

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One of my most favourite things about winter, besides the hot chocolate festival and outdoor Christmas markets, is that Pantone announces their colour for the upcoming year.  It gets me thinking about decor, art, my closet, and really anything that has to do with colour.  I loved last year’s choices of Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate… Read more »

Down But Not Out

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ARRRRGHH!  The pixies are afoot, raining and raising havoc on my day. Rest assured, almost all of our staff is doing great, and we have workarounds in place to get things done. However, a few of us are being held captive by some annoying tech issues.  They are getting fixed, and we will be up… Read more »

Colour and Light and Life

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More light! Color and light There’s only color and light Yellow and white Just blue and yellow and white Look at the air, miss See what I mean? No, look over there, miss That’s done with green… Conjoined with orange… ~ Sunday In The Park With George – Stephen Sondheim A trick of the light… Read more »

How To Celebrate International Dark Sky Week

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  I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream. ~ Vincent Van Gogh This week (April 5-12th) is International Dark Sky Week. A week dedicated to celebrating the new moon in April.  A week to encourage us to turn off our lights and enjoy the beauty of the night sky. … Read more »