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10 Things to Think About While Everyone is on Vacation


We are just about to hit the gross temperature/humidity levels at the West Coast office of LSW. And any intelligent persons left here are scrambling for a space next to a log at the beach. However, I am practically sitting upon a fan in a small room, at a tiny desk and trying to manifest a life that includes a lake house with a big deck and someone to serve me mocktails until quitting time.

So if you are in a similar situation, let me present some cool things I found on the internet over the last few weeks. Of course, they won’t keep you cool, but they will temporarily help you to stop obsessing over the heat and your lack of insight to get out of the city in the middle of summer.

Take a trip through time, and do some magical messaging with friends from another time (approx 800 years ago). This one is perfect for the kids. But make no mistake about this, I will be using this program perhaps while I revisit the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

“Fauxvacados” – a more sustainable version of the avocado for all the Mexican food you are consuming this summer. Did you know it takes 320 litres of water to grow a single avocado? This version does not. The Ecovado is currently available in the UK – but I’m sure some genius Canadian is working on our version.

And if it’s good enough for potato chips, it’s good enough for popsicles.

If you are stuck inside – and are craving some nature, or at least some nature sounds – have a listen to – it’s like Spotify, but good for you.

Has your Instagram feed become as intolerable as mine lately? Would you instead look at your friend’s vacation photos rather than have to watch random people attempt the latest dance craze? This article from the Washington Post – helps you take back your Instagram feed from becoming the poor man’s Tiktok; my favourite tip is the last one – and I am working towards it right now.

An argument for solo walking. And a different take on the same subject from the lens of the flâneuse. And while we are on the subject of walking – here is a list of what you should take with you on your daily stroll. Of course, don’t forget the chocolate.

Everything old is new again. A productivity expert returns to analog tools – and shows just how addictive they can be.

Is Tom Cruise good at running? Scientists and athletes weigh in.

On your next coffee break, play some minigolf with dumplings. You absolutely will not regret this.

I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a lighting blog if I didn’t mention lighting occasionally. For example, look what lights up a tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu.

I hope you enjoy some of the silly, insightful, fun, and thought-provoking items I have found on the internet recently. I wish you a fun and relaxing rest of the summer. Please be safe. Wear sunscreen!

*Photo -the beach scene at English Bay in Vancouver – credit Vancouver Archives.

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