LSW Lighting Ltd



Dean Lind


Dean is the "L" in LSW and grew up in Alberta. He discovered lighting while pursuing an education degree. Six pages into a lamp technical guide, and he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up.

After gaining over 21 years of experience in lighting at both the retail and wholesale level, Dean moved on to purchase a lighting agency back in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.
At LSW Lighting, Dean does some design and AGi32 work. With his help, his clients get the right design for their needs.

Dean also manages the business side of the agency while playing a leadership role within the sales and operations of the company. He also is the go-to IT guy.

In his spare time, Dean loves to play with his pooch (Jetta) and tool around with cars or computers. When he is not doing any of those he likes to tinker with his Harley Davidson Rocker Custom motorcycle.

Pat Skolski

Patrick, a founding member and the original "S" in LSW. Although he has recently retired remains a very close friend and will always be considered a Team member.

He remains the man who did everything at LSW organically. He is a journeyman electrician, who has a decade’s worth of experience of working for a lighting manufacturer, and an equal amount of experience working at the company formally known as Focus Lighting Agencies.
Patrick’s interests outside the world of lighting revolve around his family, riding the open roads on his shiny black Harley Davidson motorcycle and cheering on the hockey teams of Edmonton.

Colin Wright


Colin Wright - Colin Wright is the “W” in LSW and has worked over 25 years in the lighting industry.

Previous experience comes from being the Principal of Focus Lighting Agencies.
You can often find him working behind the scenes on stage productions and as a member of the crew for various live bands. *There is a story in there somewhere*.

Colin loves working with people on the design team to get the lighting to work out just right. It is a moment of pride when the outcome of the design matches the concept perfectly.

He takes on a mentor role with the up and comers in the lighting industry, to help them stay current with technology and environmental factors.

Colin appears to be a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to his time outside of work.
He loves the theatre, music, and traveling. He also finds time to give back to his community by volunteering for several charities and organizations around town.

Turning Edmonton into a world leader in lighting is Colin’s dream and he has the best words to live by: "Be Involved".

Edmonton Sales

Ryan Sonnenberg

Edmonton Sales Manager


Ryan comes to LSW Lighting with decades worth of experience at the manufacturing and contractor levels in the electrical field.

Supplementing his work experience, is several Philips Lighting Certifications, including courses in: Lighting Theory, Ballasts and other advanced lighting technology courses.

Ryan was also the first person in Canada to achieve the Philips Lighting LED certification.

Ryan came to find his passion in lighting, as a teenager, when he read a pamphlet about lighting technologies.

This led to his discovery that lighting can be used to positively influence the everyday lives of people. And since that moment, he has strived to achieve that ideal for his customers.

Jeff Nicholson


Jeff Nicholson. Local Style Icon. Car Guy. Sun Worshipper.

-Apprentice Millionaire. Champion. Crooner?

Cars! If you ever need to get Jeff’s attention, start talking about the glorious beasts of the road. The man is well on his way to filling an entire warehouse of collectible cars.

Now that you know a little bit about Jeff’s passion, you should know that he has worked a considerable amount of time in the electrical industry (almost 3 decades!), and he has volunteered his time to be a community leader – as a city champion football coach.

Michael Gonzalez



Michael Gonzalez – Lets play a game. We will give you a list of characteristics that we know to be true about Michael, and you can guess on whether he was a Boy Scout. Michael is known to be passionate, helpful, fun, outgoing, happy, trustworthy, smart, curious, cheerful, kind, a critical thinker, a planner, and a motivator. Next time you see him, ask him about the Boy Scout Motto – chances are he will be prepared with a statement.

Courtney Palchuk



Faithful, Inquisitive, Righteous, Defender of All.
Friend of Aslan.

Have you ever met someone who gives the impression that they have been on this Earth more than a few times? Courtney is such a person. Her presence is a calm one, but you get the sense that under the peaceful exterior she is brewing up some good magic. If you have watched her product videos, you will understand. We suspect that she walked out of a storybook into the offices of LSW.

Matthew Goodwin


587 855 3840

Meet our dynamic team member, Matthew Goodwin, a motivated and ambitious salesperson inspired by the mantra "fake it till you make it" from Mike Ross in Suits.
Balancing his talkative nature with an unwavering commitment to customer happiness, he brings a rebel's spirit to our workplace, thriving on breaking rules within reason. Beyond the hustle, Matthew yearns for a simple life in the countryside, camping under starlit skies, fishing, and enjoying life's simple pleasures with a cold beverage in hand.
Weaving determination, creativity, and a love for talk shows into the team's tapestry, his journey promises inspiration as he navigates the wisdom of imaginary talk show parents and a passion for storytelling.

Calgary Sales

Tom Clooney

Calgary Manager


Tom is always expanding on his education and training to provide the very best for his customers.
Recently he has been working on interpreting photometry and using lighting software.
He has been factory trained by most of our key lighting manufacturers and isn’t stopping there. He hopes to compliment his lighting education by completing the various IES courses that are available.

Steven Dumais

Distributor / Contractor Sales


If you need someone who can crunch numbers, toss balls, and smoke meats (not cigarettes), meet Steven Dumais, our Distributor and Contractor sales rep at LSW Calgary.
Steven is a wizard with math and a fanatic of sports, especially baseball and F1 racing. He also loves to cook everything on his smoker, from briskets to cookies, so don't be surprised if he shows up at your door with a plate of smoked goodies.

Steven has been in the lighting industry for a long time, and he knows how to play well with others and make friends. He is loyal, hilarious, and hard working, and he will always go the extra mile for his customers and coworkers. He is also a proud father of two kids and a loving husband to his wife of almost 20 years. Family is super important to him, and he considers LSW Lighting as part of his extended family too.

Dawn Solomon

Specification Representative


Dawn's family is growing! She will be back with us shortly.

Yehia Harrison

Specification Representative

587 355 1739‬

POW! Here I am!

A past life Egyptian prince.

Yehia is a man to watch out for. Talk about a boy on fire. Yehia is hungry, and not just for his father’s delicious cooking. He is someone we should expect great things from in Calgary. Self described as strong, loyal, powerful, generous, kind, passionate and imaginative. He has all the qualities of a conquering hero. Perhaps Yehia, you could use some of these qualities to help the marine life of Canada. The lighting industry is known for their love of turtles, and is working on helping them survive. Is there marine life in Calgary?

Xavier Varghese

Specification Representative

587 318 7384

Meet Xavier , also known as the “Bull’s Eye” of the office. When he is not busy hitting the target at work, you can find him indulging in his love for Indian spicy food and making friends left, right, and center. With a personality as friendly as his, it’s no wonder he is known for diffusing tense situations with ease. But don’t be fooled by his jolly demeanor, he also is a fierce competitor, having won the "MVP" (Most Valuable Player) Award from Signify a few times. So, if you’re ever in need of a laugh, a friend, or a spicy food recommendation, you know who to turn to.


Mike Holmes

Quotations Manager


Mike was one of the original Advantage Lighting team members before they joined forces with Focus Lighting Agencies to become LSW Lighting in Nov of 2012. Being part of the Project Co-ordinator team, Mike is involved in all aspects of project completion.

In Mike’s spare time he can be found cleaning up at a poker game, or making plans for lighting Downtown Edmonton to resemble the Las Vegas Strip

Chris Chesworth



Songwriter, Family Man, Golden Retriever?
Globe-trotter, Guitar God Apprentice, Family Man.
When talking to Chris, you soon realize that his family means everything. He and his wife have 5 kids. FIVE! When not at work, Chris can be found spending time with them, and jamming on his guitar – chasing the audacious goal of being a shred artist. When asked what words describe him, Chris chose the following adjectives – loyal, dependable, and creative. Bet you $10 that you will find a tennis ball in his desk. He is definitely part Golden Retriever. Noodle On Chris!

Laura Bzowy



"A blank page of canvas". Her favourite!

Courtney Canfield-Kim


Courtney Canfield – Bibliophile | Chelsea Girl | “Yoginear”

Fulcrum | Caretaker | The Lady of the Lake

There is a great sense of balance about Courtney. So much so, that we suspect she would be a great asset to any professional tug o’ war team. She is calm, focused, and patient. Courtney has an eye (2 of them) that is trained to see differently, and we plan on making great use of her unique perspective and experience. And if you want to know where you could find her soul after our working hours, my guess is wandering through the portrait gallery of MoMA.

Project Management

Cayley Sargent

Project Manager


Cayley has been with LSW Lighting since it was formed in November of 2012. As a Quotations/CSR team member she uses her 25+ years of customer service experience daily.
Cayley has a remarkable talent for keeping herself and the customer calm and happy. This might have something to do with her love of life and laughter. Her “joie de vivre” is indeed infectious.
In her spare time, Cayley can be found outdoors playing golf, slo-pitch, camping, or playing with her incredible dog Jackson! (Although we are not sure why, Dean often refers to him as Half Ton)

Trisha S

Project Manager


T – Environmentalist, Animal Caretaker, Future Jeopardy Champion
Support Human, Passionate, Bilingual

Passion about her job and other causes (such as animal welfare and environmental issues) are what drives T. She approaches the human and canine species’ with kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness. Respect for our customers and manufacturers is what makes T excellent at her job. Just ask her, she will tell you!

Brooke Mosser

Project Manager


We are waiting to write something clever here. 😂


Randene Craig

Randene has been with LSW Lighting Lighting since November of 2012. As the Office Administrator, she gets to use her natural sleuthing abilities to reconcile accounting discrepancies.

Outside of the office she spends time with her dog and stays centered by doing yoga. Not one to idle away her day, Randene follows the Dionysian attitude “Just Do It” (made famous by a certain sportswear company).


D.O.G (Director Of Greeting)

(Retired) Jetta was our Director of Greeting (D.O.G) and had spent some time in Finishing School (aka several levels of Obedience and Agility training).

Jetta was with the company part time since Nov of 2012. Her duties were quite varied but included running around, laying under desks and fetching the occasional toy until she exhausted herself.

Sometimes she ran off with Mike’s shoe

LSW Director Of Greeting