LSW Lighting Ltd

New 3″ Downlights

LyteProfile 3 inch

Your lighting project decisions are now even easier. Lightolier by Signify has expanded the LyteProfile family to 3-inch square and round options so you can achieve consistent illumination and smooth installation for simple or complex projects. Enjoy one-stop shopping with the reliability and quality of the LyteProfile family. You can never have too much of a good thing.



Calculite 3 Inch

Lightolier has expanded your downlighting options with a new generation of Calculite 3″ luminaires. Trim styles are now available in either deep or shallow. Deep trims offer superior cut-off and enhanced visual comfort, while the shallow 1″ regress trims add a little brightness to the ceiling plane, creating a less formal effect. The 3″ wall wash distributes 70% of light on the surface with a spacing ratio of 2:1. Designers will love the uniform light levels on the wall.