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3D Printed Luminaires

Signify enables customers to custom-design or tailor their luminaires. We then 3D print and deliver a quality product, fast.

Our service saves on time, energy, waste in manufacturing, packaging and transportation. 3D printing paves the way for more innovative designs with more complex shapes and colors. These are available digitally for on-demand production and stored to allow easy modification and adaptation. What’s more, all our 3D printed Philips luminaires are recyclable, specifically designed for a Circular Economy.


 It is lighting by Signify – but not as you know it. 

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The Series

To ease the design process, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Our range of high-quality pre-designed luminaires includes downlights, projectors and pendants and offers a quick and easy solution to meet your needs. You can mix and match design elements, such as color or texture, for nearly endless possibilities.

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RD Series

Decorative glowing objects

  • Tailored to your preference
  • Colourful, stylish, flexible
  • Circular economy ready


PD Series

Easily changed PAR38 pendant

  • Tailored to your preference
  • Build for re-design, easily changed
  • Circular economy ready


PM Series

Functional lighting made beautiful

  • From a decorative warm glow to 20k lumens of functional lighting
  • Multiple light sources possible
  • Circular economy ready


BA Series

Large decorative pendants

  • Opaque or translucent materials with a variety of finish textures
  • Variety of optical configurations
  • High power COB LED light engines


Greenspace – PerfectFit

Get the downlight that always fits

  • Stop wasting time searching in catalogues for downlights & halo rings
  • Faster installation – 100% guaranteed fit – no halo rings needed
  • Looks great, no double ring with color differences on the ceiling


KT Series

Functional Cylinder downlights

  • Tailored to your preference
  • Range of colors, textures & styles
  • Circular economy ready


BR Series

Comfortable and flexible allrounder

  • Visually comfortable optics and a range of lighting options
  • Connected and integrated in your project, easy to install
  • Luxurious look and feel with different materials and textures


MS Series

Stylish Performance

  • Tailored to your preference
  • Multiple hinge designs & COB variants available
  • Circular economy ready


SC Series

Stylish and compact accent light

  • Available with unique decorative finishes
  • Available with wide selection of mounting options