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A Magic Carpet Ride


This morning, I had the most beautiful experience. During my morning meditation, I went on a magic carpet ride. And despite what the image above shows, I saw everything. The mediation was all about bringing play into our lives. A carpet was at my door when I closed my eyes. Immediately it showed its magic and friendliness and invited me to stand upon it to feel its energy. And when I gave the go-ahead nod, it whisked me off to a land I had never been to. A land that can only be described as Heaven on Earth. There were high cliffs, rainforests, and beaches. And all sorts of animals.

My carpet took me surfing, hovering over the water to race the dolphins, then back to the forest to chase lemurs around the trees. Finally, we dove off a cliff and waved to the balls of energy that danced far below us. Humans didn’t live on this island, at least not in the physical form humans tend to take. But they welcomed us, me and the magic carpet I rode in on.

I don’t know where we went. My best guess is Madagascar, but I don’t know for sure since I have never been there. But it was beautiful and natural, and it felt like home. It is the place where I belonged—a place where I could have the most fun.

I am sharing this story because, for about 25 minutes today, I experienced real play without leaving my living room. And when I came out of the meditation, I felt like I had just returned from a vacation. I was relaxed and happy. I wasn’t stressed about the coming workday. Instead, I felt a little bit on a roller-coaster, all excited and pleased. And it was at this moment that I figured out what was missing from my work life. Play. And  I suspect I am not the only one missing this.

So before I give you some ideas about bringing joy into your work life, I invite you to go on your own magic carpet ride.

The doorbell rings. When you answer the door, no one is there. It takes a few moments to realize that a carpet is rolled at your feet. Curiously, you look around to see if someone has delivered it. You weren’t expecting such a delivery. But no one is around. The carpet unfurls itself and motions to you to step upon it. You cautiously sit down. And once you feel comfortable – the carpet takes off. It takes you anywhere you want to go. Just close your eyes and ask yourself, where do I want to go today? And off you go. Feel the breeze through your hair and against your skin. Do you feel the sun, rain, or snow? What do you smell? Are you and your carpet doing stunt tricks? Are you showing off for the crowds that have gathered? Or are you exploring outer space? Everything is possible on this carpet. And it holds everything you need. And when you are ready to come back – you are home.

Now, how do you feel? If you are feeling up to sharing – tell me about your adventure. Where did you go?

I am hoping that right now you are feeling as magical as I did at 6 am this morning. And are ready to embrace other ideas about bringing a sense of play into your workspace and day.

While some people are returning to their offices and places of business, this is not true for everyone. However, there are things we can all do to incorporate joy in either scenario. Here are some tips for finding happiness.

  • Think about how your work impacts others. Not just the people you interact with but with everyone who is affected by your product or service.
  • Dance! 3-minute dance breaks are what I live for. The work gets hard; put on some tunes and move even if someone is watching. Just dance. Need a suggestion – ping me. I often recommend music to the people in my department to inspire crazy dance moves.
  • Spruce up the office – whether it’s at home or away. Add plants or a goldfish. In my case, I saw a groovy yellow office chair during my zoom call this morning that I must have. And I will not rest until I get one of my own. Bring in objects that will make you smile.
  • Schedule weekly meetings that have nothing to do with your projects or work. Instead, get to know your co-workers on a personal level. In-person or virtual coffee breaks help with team building. And human interaction increases serotonin which makes us happier.
  • Do something you enjoy during your breaks. Work on a puzzle, read, have lunch with friends, walk your dogs, or write a blog post. Just do something different than your regular tasks. No one wants to answer angry emails for 8 hours straight. So give yourself a break, get away from your desk, and do something different than you have been doing all morning. Use another part of your brain. Or get out of your head entirely.
  • Be grateful. A gratitude practice helps us to find a positive attitude when we are struggling. And it’s ok if some days you are only thankful for coffee. I have plenty of mornings when that has to be enough. Today, I am grateful for magic carpets, my imagination, and waking up at 5 am so I can meditate with a group of exceptional individuals, all of which helped me appreciate the work I am doing today.

Now – tell me about your magic carpet ride!

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