LSW Lighting Ltd

Operating Nurse Day

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the hospital. They are tireless, dedicated, kind soldiers who we rely on in our most vulnerable of times. And they are not appreciated nearly enough. Which is why we are celebrating Operating Nurses Day. Well done nurses. You do a wonderful job. And we salute you.

This day also reminds me that while nurses are wonderful, they need lighting to do their job properly. And another often forgotten about element in hospitals and other medical offices, is lighting. There are very few places where lighting needs to be as much of a multi-tasker as it does in the health care industry.

The following requirements need to be taken into consideration when planning the lighting for such a facility:

  • needs to make patients feel welcome and at ease
  • provide functional task lighting
  • provide a pleasant ambiance for patients and visitors
  • be good for people who may need to spend long periods of time indoors.
  • should be mercury free and modular

So next time you are in the hospital (hopefully visiting and not as a patient), take a look at your surroundings. A lot of effort has been put forth for your comfort – both at a human and technological level.