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LED -The Key To Life On Mars

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Sometimes life on Earth gets to be a bit much. The weather gets us down (ick heat wave!), our loud and nosy neighbors annoy us, the price of gasoline is too high to justify driving around town. And so we turn our thoughts to colonizing other planets. Planets such as Mars, or if you are… Read more »

The Griswold Challenge

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  LSW Lighting is issuing a challenge to our lighting friends. Send us a photo or video of your outdoor Christmas display, and you could win goodies from us. I have no idea what these goodies are – but one of our mall Santas (we have 3) promised me that it will be skookum (that… Read more »

In the beginning…

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In the beginning there was Advantage Lighting and Focus Lighting, and on one cloudy day in November we decided to become one. And so we did. LSW was born on November 14, 2012 and since then we have made it our mission to Light Stuff Well. Who are these people you ask? Let me tell… Read more »

Operating Nurse Day

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Nurses are the unsung heroes of the hospital. They are tireless, dedicated, kind soldiers who we rely on in our most vulnerable of times. And they are not appreciated nearly enough. Which is why we are celebrating Operating Nurses Day. Well done nurses. You do a wonderful job. And we salute you. This day also… Read more »

LSW on Flickr

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