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Work From Home – Best Practices

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I have been working from home for a long time now. Almost six years, as opposed to the last seven or eight months that everyone else has been doing.  So I have found a bunch of ways that really help.  And a couple that I just recently discovered when the rest of the world moved… Read more »


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Unless you are extraordinarily introverted (like me), you may be having a hard time during this most recent round of restrictions put in place by our government.  Life during a pandemic does not have to feel isolated.  We absolutely need to do things differently; we can’t grab a drink after work anymore or meet up… Read more »

Creating Curiosity

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There were a lot of reasons to write a blog for LSW Lighting.  It’s a good business practice. There are lots of other reasons that will fit into that category. However, my reason for writing this blog had nothing to do with business. It aligns with my curiosity practice.  Let me explain what curiosity practice… Read more »

Mindfulness and the Dark Sky

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About this time every year, I contemplate a move to the middle of a forest.  Not just because I like nature, but because I despise residential street lighting.  In the summer it’s not so bad.  The lights go on after the sun has already gone down, and the lights don’t seem so bright.  But now… Read more »