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Senso Black Lense Dagger, Dao & Stiletto!

RGB-W-B fixture off
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Available as linear suspended system and recessed linear profile

SENSO’s black lens for Dagger, Dao and Stiletto

At SENSO, They believe in style as well as substance. Illumination is key, of course, but fixtures should look great even when they’re off. Our cutting-edge black lens provides a dramatic flair to any space—without sacrificing lighting ability and power.

The black lens is designed for linear Dagger lights, along with its sister fixtures, the Dao and the Stiletto. When the light is off, the black lens has a matte finish that provides a striking, artistic effect, whether as high-contrast lines across your ceiling or an all-black array of suspended linear pendants.

With such a rich black finish, you would never expect this lens to shine as brightly as standard white lenses. Flip the switch and marvel: available in the full spectrum of RGB colours, as well as white light, the black lens effortlessly transforms from chic darkness to full illumination.