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The Griswold Challenge


LSW Lighting is issuing a challenge to our lighting friends.

Send us a photo or video of your outdoor Christmas display, and you could win goodies from us.
I have no idea what these goodies are – but one of our mall Santas (we have 3) promised me that it will be skookum (that means fantastic).

So here are the rules:

  • We would love it if you were from our territory – so Northern Alberta and BC – but if your lights are extraordinary we will count your submission
  • Be a fan of our Facebook page
  • Photos or video submissions only – Post on our Facebook page
  • Displays must include Christmas lights but can also contain other types of decorations
  • Must have proof that the display is yours (electric bill or some other type of proof)

So the contest is wide open – you have complete creative control.  You have a bit of time to add some extra pieces to your display, if you feel its needed, since our contest runs from today (Dec 17th) to the end of the day of Dec 23rd.

We will choose a winner when we get back from the holidays on Dec 29th

One last piece of advice- the more lights, the merrier the mall santas.

*And because it must be said- photoshopped entries will be disqualified. At least the obvious ones.


**Photo Credit – via Flickr